Ke Paradys

Fainting Goats

Meet the Does

KE Paradys Mojito
Barbie's Lil Fainters Fancy X Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter

Flying J The Grand Dutchess 
MCH Flying J Dream Weaver x MCH Flying J Contessa 

KE Paradys Mai Tai 
Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter x KE Paradys Willow

KE Paradys Roll The Dice 
MCH Randolph's Juneau x Signature's Classy

Flying J Petal
MCH Flying J Dream Maker x MCH Flying J Envy

KE Paradys Flying First Class 
Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter x Randolph's Lilliana 

KE Paradys Solla Sollew 
Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter x Signature's IAmTheCatInTheHat

Ellie at KE Paradys 
Sunset Ridge Twister SSR x Maddie at KE Paradys 

Signature's IAmTheCatInTheHat 
MCH Full Circle SamIAm x Redneck Acres Steele Magnolia

Sol-Orr's Pea Blossom 
MCH Sol-Orr's Whippoorwill x Sol-Orr's Peapod

Randolph's Lilliana 
MCH Randolph's Sinbad x MCH Randolph's Esther

Barbie's Lil Fainters Kandee
Unknown x Unknown 

Blessed Assurance Felina 
MCH Westwind Acres Merlot x Springs Run Mimzy

Hair's Yer Goat Flopsy
Sol Orr's Sheldon x Bayshore Drizzle 

Signature's Classy
MCH Flying J Roulette x Signature's Poison Ivy