Ke Paradys

Fainting Goats

Breeding Schedule

We are accepting reservations for spring kids, send a email if you would like to be put down for a posted kidding.

Blessed Assurance Felina X  MCH Randolph's Juneau
                            Hair's Yer Goat Flopsy X MCH Randolph's Juneau 

                                                                                                       Buckling KE Paradys King George  SOLD thank you Donna!

                                                                       Signature's Classy X MCH Randolph's Juneau 

                    Doeling  KE Paradys Espresso AVAILABE  $750                                                       Doeling KE Paradys Godiva SOLD

                                            Ellie at KE Paradys X MCH Randolph's Juneau

                      Doeling KE Paradys Rebel SOLD thank you Natalie!

                 Doeling KE Paradys Buttercup SOLD thank you Natalie!

                     Signature's IAmTheCatInTheHat X Sol-Orr"s Pea Shooter

       Due 1/17/2020

                                                                                            Doeling KE Paradys Tinker Toy  AVAILABE  $750

                            Randolph's Lilliana X Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter

        Due 1/2/2020

                                                                                        Buckling KE Paradys Flying Solo SOLD thank you Jackie!

                                   Flying J Petal X MCH Full Circle Bammit Earl

                                                                        Due 3/2020

All kids will be retained from Flying J Petal