Ke Paradys

Fainting Goats

Who We Are

What started as just getting a couple goats to clear brush has led us to this wonderful adventure!  We are hooked on this fun filled breed that is loaded with personality!  We try to make 3 shows a year.  Usually 2 on the east coast and we will do one a year that's farther away.  

My two daughters are very active with the farm.  My oldest helps me with the chores and she also will show a lot of them for me.   She also helps select the breeding line up.  My younger daughter takes care of our livestock dogs and she has a show wether that she adores.   

We have 3 Anatolian Shepherds that guard our herd. They have been a great asset to our little farm. 
We also have several horses that we do barrel racing and trail riding with.